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A brief intro to constellations.

It’s human nature to be afraid of what we can’t see, that’s why as humans we’re afraid of the dark…

What are we scared of?
What we don’t know? Uncertainty? Feeling out of control? Being unable to protect ourselves? Painful feelings?

Probably all those…

Yet, where we suffer is with confusion and stuckness.

What if we’re stuck but don’t know why?
What if we’re stuck because we don’t know what to do next?
What if we’re stuck because we don’t know where we’re going?
What if we’re afraid of making a mistake?
What if we’re lost?
What if we’ve lost purpose, meaning and direction?

That’s the time we need to (metaphorically) step into the dark and explore what we can’t (yet) see.

Constellations is a gentle process of exploring the invisible, that what we can’t yet see.

The process involves creating a 3D MAP of your situation.
It’s completely controlled by YOU (it isn’t done to you).
It shows you HOW you are looking at something.
It allows you to zoom out and see the WHOLE picture and where you are in relationship to the other elements.
It allows you to PLAY with the picture and get a sense of what feels like a good next move.
It helps you LET GO of what you may be unconsciously attached to (old patterns of thinking and behaviour).

You can do it on line, on a table top, on a floor or in nature – it’s your choice.

You get to choose what you want to tell the constellator – they don’t need to know what the issue is or who or what is in the picture.

What does happen is that you feel more calm, more resourceful and more focused as a result.

You can constellate (almost) anything. Work issues, Team issues, Personal issues, Family issues, Cultural issues, Community issues…

If nothing else, it’s a great process to know about and use for yourself.

If you’re a curious soul and would like to experience a constellation or / and be involved in someone else’s process, drop me a line or sign up on my webiste to be informed of the what’s happening in my Elder’s community…

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Publicado el 05 de diciembre de 2022
Francesc Roca Presas